...On June 3rd 2012, I woke up… I remember the sun shinning so bright into our room that morning. I kissed Solly and we started the day together like it was any other day. What I didn't know was this day would change our lives forever.

~ Sharyn DeLaurentis



On June 3, 2012, Solly DeLaurentis, Jr. suddenly and tragically lost his life from a rare undetected heart defect that caused him to black out while on a motorcycle run benefiting Salvation Army charities. At which time the lives of his wife and their three children were drastically changed and their future was uncertain. The implications of losing a parent at a young age, both emotionally and financially, are one of life’s most difficult ordeals.

"I have learned so many things this year about myself, my children, my endearing family and ever so caring friends. It’s clear to me now that people are good and generous, people care and want to make a difference. This is where the idea of the Solly’s Way Foundation came about.

This event has provided family and friends the motivation behind creating the Solly’s Way Foundation, Inc. 

Our mission: Solly’s Way Foundation brings compassion to tragedy and turns tragedy to triumph for those children who have lost a parent by providing college scholarships in the Barrington, Lake Zurich and Wauconda Suburban areas. The sudden loss of a parent triggers a broad range of family crises that may take years to surmount, it is with our efforts and dedication to present these young adults with a chance for a future.

We are proud to announce the first opportunity to apply for the scholarship.



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